Top 10 Reasons you are Not Losing Weight

by Buzz! on August 12, 2012

Of the tens of millions of people the world over pouring their hearts and souls into diets for weight loss and health gain, a staggering percentage find themselves asking the same question every day – “Why the **** am I still not losing any weight?”

Frustrating to say the least but regardless of the circumstances, there is always a reason why any diet may not be working – the following being the top ten reasons to consider before going entirely up the proverbial wall:

10 Your diet is not a diet

Your Diet Is Not A Diet

Perhaps this should be the number one reason but as it is fairly obvious to all, a number 10 spot seemed more appropriate. Perhaps the biggest reason for all diets failing is the fact that they are not diets at all – i.e. those thinking they are making healthy eating choices are in fact doing the mirror opposite. There are dozens of foods and drinks that appear to be excellent choices for dieters, though in fact pack more of a calorie wallop than bears thinking about. From certain fruits to smoothies to pasta to cereals to nuts and countless others, so many diets never even get off the ground for the simple reason that they are not diets at all.

9 You’re neglecting Sleep

Neglecting Sleep

Keeping active and avoiding laziness of course contributes hugely to weight loss, but on the other hand there is nothing more detrimental than overdoing it and neglecting sleep. The human body simply cannot do ANYTHING at all to its maximum potential without a regular and steady sleep pattern – which includes losing weight. A tired and worn out body will not only have trouble processing calories, but will instinctively begin to store extra fat reserves to cope with the demand of the exhausting lifestyle.

8 You’re actually bulking up

Bulking Up

The term ‘losing weight’ gets thrown around a little too easily when it comes to dieting, as some find themselves ending up with the body of their dreams without every losing a single pound. The reason for this is the simple fact that muscle weighs far more than fat, therefore if a diet and exercise routing is successfully burning fat reserves at the same time as building muscle, the overall weight of the body may not go down at all.

It is for this reason that obsessing exclusively over the bathroom scales is a little on the unwise side when looking to shed excess body fat.

7 You’re putting too much pressure on yourself

Putting Pressure On Yourself

There is a marked difference between idealistic goals and realistic goals when it comes to losing weight, with the latter of the two often being the most neglected. Of course, an overnight transformation is exactly what most would opt for given the chance, but as this is impossible in quite literally 100% of examples of sensible diets, losing hope in the short term is really a redundant attitude.

So many diets fail simply because people insist on putting far too much pressure on themselves and set goals they cannot and will not reach.

6 You aren’t eating enough

Not Eating Enough

If cutting down on fat and calories to a modest extent can help weight loss then surely cutting down on them to a massive extent would be even better, right? Unfortunately not, as one of the main reasons millions every day face the reality of not losing any weight is because they are in fact not eating enough. When the body is deprived of much needed fuel, it instinctively goes into something of a ‘starvation’ mode where existing fat reserves are held onto as long as possible and all new calories and fat introduced are stored. Indeed, under-eating often has the potential to be more dangerous than overeating.

5 You’re not keeping realistic track

Not Keeping Realistic Track

You may think that your each and every move has been tailored and carried out with nothing other than the most angelic eating and exercise plan imaginable in mind, but has it really? Something of an ‘a little bit here, a little bit there’ approach to treats and indulgences may make a dieter think they are making huge cutbacks for the sake of their goals, but it is almost impossible to keep realistic track without vested efforts. If your life is particularly busy or active, try keeping a comprehensive diary for a week of everything eaten and all exercise…and prepare for a big surprise.

4 You’re surrounded by too many temptations

Too Many Tempatations

No real-world person has the iron-clad willpower required to resist all temptations when faced with them 24/7, therefore the only way of ruling them out of the equation is to get rid of them altogether. Secret reserves of treats and unhealthy food put away for a rainy day will inevitably come out long before said rainy day ever arrives, therefore lose the temptation and lose the chance of blowing your efforts on a one-night binge.

3 Your exercise regime is garbage

Your Exercise Regime Is Garbage

If you have created an exercise regime all by yourself and you do not have any background in health and fitness on a professional level, odds are your routine is fundamentally flawed – perhaps even entirely ineffective. It is simply impossible to benefit from the most sublimely effective exercise plan without some degree of professional advice or involvement – much better than working yourself into an early grave.

2 You’re lying to yourself

Lying To Yourself

“But I am eating healthy, cutting out all treats and exercising my butt off…how can I not be losing weight?!” A question asked millions of times every day with that in most cases deserves as question in return…that being are you really? Cutting back on a couple of indulgences and taking a brisk walk twice a week is certainly an improvement over nothing at all, but will bring little by way of tangible results to say the least. Nevertheless, people the world over convince themselves that these mild to moderate changes will have them looking like a true wonder to behold practically overnight, which is of course quite depressingly impossible.

1 You’re in need of medical assistance

Medical Assistance

Of course, if all else fails and you really have tried every trick in the book – including a painful level of honesty – the time may have come to seek genuine medical advice. There are thousands of medical reasons why a person may not be able to lose weight or indeed may require a unique approach, but before making a beeline for the doctor’s office in search of a miracle cure, be advised that the above points account for at least 99.9% of all problematic weight-loss regimes.

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I am struggling so much to lose weight. I have read this article 3 times. I hope i will achieve my goal of losing 15kg in next 4 months. I loved the article. Thanks for sharing


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