Top 10 Video Games Characters With Real-Life Prototypes

by Buzz! on April 16, 2013

Today, game developers try to do everything possible to make their project successful, popular and really epic. Much money is always spent to create realistic surroundings, characters, unbelievable graphics, and stunning visual effects. The frameworks of graphic reality are incredibly expanded today, but anyway, real people are often used as prototypes of this or that video game character. Every new blockbuster brings us familiar faces, and it’s quite easy to guess what celebrity has become its real-life prototype.

Here they are: the top 10 most popular and well-known video games protagonists and characters whose appearance is easy to recognize and find among our favorite actors and models. They look very alike, don’t they?


10 Zoey (Left 4 Dead)

Zoey - Sonja Kinski

Everyone who plays Left 4 Dead, or plans to play it anyway, should know about Zoey, a Survivor in this game. A well-known model Sonja Kinski has been chosen as a prototype for this character, though designers planned to use Alesia Glidewell first (also known as Chell in Portal, by the way). Sonja is an American model, who was born is Switzerland and moved to California with her family when she was 7.

As you understand, Sonja doesn’t bring dual pistols with her as Zoey usually do, but her facial features will definitely remind you this famous Left 4 Dead character. As for Zoey’s voice, it belongs to Jen Taylor.


9 Alyx Vance (Half-Life 2)

Alyx Vance - Jamil Mullen

This young woman named Alyx Vance is the character of Valve’s well-known game Half-Life 2. She struggles against the alien race known as Combine, hacking their computer systems and changing them on her own. She is very friendly and athletic, a skilled shooter and vehicle repairer. Her facial features will definitely remind you an American actress and host named Jamil Mullen.

Actually, Jamil is widely known thanks to Alyx today. Her small roles in such movies as Highway or 25th Hour haven’t made her as popular as she believed to be. As for Alyx’s voice, it belongs to Merle Dandridge.



8 The Illusive Man (Mass Effect 2)

Illusive Man - Martin Sheen

One of the Mass Effect’s most mysterious characters, Illusive Man, struggles for making humanity the main race in the Universe. He is a leader of Cerberus at the moment, and his past still remains unknown. If you take a look at his silver hair and blue eyes, doesn’t he remind you a famous American actor Martin Sheen, known for his role in Apocalypse Now? By the way, Mr. Sheen is not only Illusive Man’s face, but his voice too.

Described as a creature who combines human’s best and worst traits at once, Illusive Man stays one of the most charismatic characters of Massive Effect. We bet, that Martin Sheen played his role here as well.


7 Sheva Alomar (Resident Evil 5)

Sheva Alomar - Michelle Van Der Water

Resident Evil 5 is impossible to imagine without Sheva Alomar, a brave and charismatic agent of BSAA, and a faithful partner of Chris Redfield. She helps him complete all missions, shoots well, and make some tricks Chris is unable to do.

Karen Dyer is believed to be the prototype of Sheva, both with voice and face. Her real name is Eva LaDare, and she is famous for her role in Idlewild. Karen is a television actress and voice artist. Naja Hill and Michelle Van Der Water are also believed to be Sheva Alomar’s prototypes. Anyway, all of them look like twins with Sheva, don’t they?


6 Ethan Mars (Heavy Rain)

Ethan Mars - Pascal Langley

When you play Heavy Rain, doesn’t its protagonist remind you a well-known English character Pascal Langdale? He gave both his facial features and voice to one of lead characters (there are four of them in general).

Ethan Mars lived happily with his family (a wife and two sons), but everything has changed when one of his sons was killed. When Ethan’s second son is kidnapped, he doesn’t want to wait anymore, and decides to find a boy. How far will he go to save his son?


5 Crying Beauty (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots)

 Crying Wolf - Mieko Rye

Crying Beauty, also known as Crying Wolf for all Metal Gear’s fans, is a very unusual creature. She is fast, she is extremely strong, but very sensitive at the same time. Together with other members of The Beauty and the Beast Unit, she can’t help crying during battles, expressing her deep sorrow in such a way.

Crying Wolf turns to Crying Beauty each time when a battle ends, and gamers can see a beautiful and sensitive girl. A well-known swimsuit model named Mieko Rye gave her facial features to Crying Beauty, and her voice belongs to Debra Wilson Skelton.


4 Starkiller (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)

Samuel Witwer - Starkiller

Starkiller is not the real name of this character. This is just a code for Galen Marek’s clone who was created after his death in 2 BBY. His brown eyes and hair, as well as his fair skin, remind us Samuel Witwer a lot, who gave Starkiller not only his likeness but his voice too.

Samuel Witwer is a well-known American actor and musician who also appeared in numerous episodes of TV shows. He played Galen Maren and his clone Starkiller both in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and its sequel.


3Lucy Stillman (Assassin’s Creed)

Lucy Stillman - Kristen Bell

The member of Assassin Order, Lucy Stillman, is one face with a famous American actress Kristen Bell, isn’t it? Just take a look at Lucy’s face, and you won’t have any doubts in it. Kristen has given her likeness and voice to Lucy in three Assassin’s Creed games (the years of 2007, 2009 and 2010). The actress herself is known for her roles in Veronica Mars (2004-2007) and When in Rome.

Assassin’s Creed fans still don’t believe that Lucy Stillman is dead after she was stabbed and killed by Desmond’s Hidden Blade.


2 Liara T’Soni (Mass Effect)

Liara - Jillian Murray

This clever though a little bit naïve Asari scientist has been studying Prothean technology for 50 years already. Her mysterious appearance and kind soul becomes the source of Shepard’s romance interest. Depending on a player’s decision, Liara may become Shepard’s lover or good friend.

Liara’s body and face are easy to recognize when you take a look at Jillian Murray, a famous American actress. If you don’t know who she is, you better watch An American Carol.


1 Commander Shepard (male) (Mass Effect)

Shepard - Mark Vanderloo

And finally, here he is: the human protagonist of mass Effect franchise, Commander Shepard. Actually, his gender, character and appearance can be chosen by a player himself, and all these qualities will influence the plot. Shepard can be both a man and a woman, but when we speak about his male version, Mark Vanderloo comes to our mind at once.

Mark is a Dutch model, a face of Hugo Boss black-and-white billboards. Moreover, he works with such well-known brands as Armani, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and others.


List written by: Alex Strike. Alex Strike is a copywriter of, and a guy interested in gaming and innovative technologies .

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Chuka Udeze May 2, 2013 at 10:44 am

After seeing the resident evil 5, you’ll have to agree with me that Sheva is not a bad character like people say but she is helpful and kind as shown in the game.


Adam July 30, 2013 at 12:12 pm

I wish you left the Kristen Bell part spoiler-free… :(


Turo602 July 31, 2013 at 11:11 am

Where’s Max Payne?


majed August 14, 2013 at 1:48 pm

Miranda Lawson(Yvonne Strahovski) !!!!!!!!!!!
mass effect


sean kane August 15, 2013 at 12:39 pm

desmond from assassins creed is also based on a french model


Mojtaba August 24, 2013 at 5:53 pm

Dude, You said 3 people from Mass Effect, and then you forgot Yvonne for Miranda?? how could you!?


Xarkgaming September 21, 2013 at 8:48 pm

Isn’t that already usual that the characters look like the real actors?


Garry October 1, 2013 at 9:40 am

I can’t believe you didn’t show Resident Evil’s Jill, she uses the likeness of Julia Voth


Dman October 8, 2013 at 12:51 am

So no Ellen Page from The Last of Us?


Jay October 9, 2013 at 12:48 am

You totally forgot one:
The protagonist character Rio is not only modeled after, but also voiced by the talented actress Kristen Miller. There is even an Easter Egg in the game that is triggered by her name! Little known, but vastly enjoyable!


Ashbury137 November 2, 2013 at 3:35 am

What about Takeshi Kaneshiro as Samanosuke Akechi or Jean Reno as Jacques both from Onimusha 3?


TheBaconLover January 2, 2014 at 8:25 pm

Vaas… From Far Cry 3…


Varun January 10, 2014 at 10:25 am

Quite an interesting read! Thanks for sharing information on these popular characters!


Don Raggo February 17, 2014 at 2:57 pm

you missed out Tombraider – Lara Croft (Camilla Luddington)


Edpas April 27, 2014 at 7:29 pm

And what about Julia Voth?
She is the Resident Evil´s character Jill Valentine´s model parting from REmake until now.


Apeksha Khanna June 11, 2014 at 7:48 am

Isn’t Lara Croft from Tomb Raider based on a Model? Megan fox too inspired a look alike character from Last of Us.


Pavanne July 19, 2014 at 5:28 pm

You forgot Claudia Black as Dragon Age’s Morrigan. She was fantastic in that and Morrigan looks a lot like her.


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